Reviving the Land: Plants & Goodwin’s Historic Plug and Abandonment Project

November 3rd, 2023

PG-Blog-MainImage-Blog-FS22-1In the quiet corners of rural Northwest Pennsylvania, where nature's beauty often conceals hidden environmental threats, Plants & Goodwin (P&G) embarked on a monumental journey. Tackling the challenge of abandoned wells, P&G's expertise and dedication shone brightly in their recent plug and abandonment project in Otto Township, McKean County. 

Challenges: A Delicate Task in Residential Spaces

Fifteen orphaned wells, relics from an era with lax regulations, cast a shadow on the local community. Two of these wells sat ominously within residential yards, one mere feet away from a home and a state road. The lack of proper records, a common issue in these cases, complicated the project further. The delicate nature of the residential locations demanded a meticulous approach.

Solution: A Historic Milestone with Federal Support

This venture marked a historic moment as the first project completed in Pennsylvania with federal funding under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. P&G didn't just rely on their expertise, they brought back their 1965 Bucyrus-Erie 60-L Cable Tool Rig from retirement. One of their veteran employees, with 30 years of experience, left his desk job to run this rig, showcasing the team's dedication and hands-on approach.

Efficient Abandonment, Community Impact

Completed over three months from February to May 2023, this project became a testament to efficient fund utilization. Pennsylvania is set to receive $400 million in funds to plug thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, making this project a vital stepping stone toward a cleaner, safer environment. P&G efficiently plugged and abandoned 15 orphan wells, mitigating environmental risks while providing essential restoration services.

Expanding Horizons: P&G's Ongoing Commitment

The successful completion of this project empowered P&G to expand their impact further. Subsequent projects like FS22-17 in McKean County and work initiation on FS22-20 in Forest and Clarion Counties are a testament to P&G's ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare. 

At Plants & Goodwin, the legacy of the past meets the innovation of the future, transforming abandoned wells into symbols of restoration and hope.

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